Williamsburg Host Lions Club

The Williamsburg Host Lions Club is now taking orders for it's 9th Annual Vidalia Onion sale' and you may also order a Lions Broom as well;

​$11.00 Kitchen Broom, $12.00 Patio broom (Handle on Patio Broom is larger)

It is that time of year again when the Williamsburg Host Lions Club travels to Georgia and picks up a truck load of Vidalia onions fresh out of the field. (Last year we actually loaded Onions that had been harvested during our stay) 

All revenues generated from the project go directly to our charity fund to assist those less fortunate in our local community with sight, hearing, and diabetes services. All Lions are currently taking preorders for delivery Mid=May.

The onions are packaged in 10 lb. bags with 12 to 17 large onions per bag. The cost is $10 per bag donation and comes with a recipe card and storage instructions to enable you to store the onions for a longer period of time until ready to use.

Anyone is interested in ordering onions can order your bag(s) by submitting the below form.  You may pay for your onions when you pick them up.

Vidalia onions can  be stored for long periods of time when properly stored. Example: wrap each onion individually in your frig. This will enable your onions to stay fresh for several month.

​You may also order your Lion Broom here as well. Just place your request in the remarks: $10 Patio $9 kitchen.

Order form is at the bottom of this page

Please be sure to indicate how many bags you would like to have reserved for you in this box. 

​Your order of Vadalia Onions is appreciated.